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Heavy Duty Towing

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing.

Some vehicles can bring to bear some serious tonnage. If you are a business that relies on trucks or buses or a private owner of a motorhome, then you know your vehicles pack some serious weight. So what do you if there’s a serious accident? How can you get so much weight moved not only effectively, but safely? Along with our light and medium duty towing services, we also offer a heavy-duty towing service, for jobs that need really grunt and strength.

No towing job is beyond us, and no matter the size or weight, we can meet you towing needs. We have all right tools and techniques to get the job safely and effectively.

Real grunt

The specialised equipment and knowledge we bring to bear when it comes to heavy-duty towing has a real grunt, meaning we can safely and effectively tow and remove more than just cars. Highways all over the country are lined with massive vehicles that drive business. In the result of an accident or other breakdown, you need real strength to get things moving again.

Our heavy-duty towing service can bring all these benefits and more. We provide real grunt to keep your heavy vehicles moving or safe in the case of an accident. So matter the weight and size of your vehicle, chances are we can get it moving.


Motorhomes can be a great way to see the country and enjoy life. But what do you do if the unthinkable happens and you end up in an accident? What you do if they breakdown and you can’t get it moving? You don’t need to worry about that, that’s where our heavy-duty towing service comes in.
Our expert team is trained to handle the towing and recovery of motorhomes and similarly large mobile vehicles. All you need to do is enjoy the benefits they bring, knowing you are covered if the worst should happen.

Emergency service vehicles

Even emergency service vehicles sometimes need saving. When emergency vehicles breakdown it can be a real life or death situation, in some cases. We realise their importance and that’s why, as part of our heavy-duty towing service, we can also assist emergency service vehicles.

We can help to get emergency service vehicles going again and helping out the community at large. This is one of our most important services.


In many cases, your business is especially reliant on these behemoths to transport your goods around. If they breakdown or become involved in an accident the resultant removal can be a real nightmare and cost your business money and time. Our heavy-duty towing service is crucial in this situation and can help to save your business time and money.

We can effectively recover and tow the large vehicles you are so reliant on and get them safely removed or going again. You don’t need additional stress when one of your vehicles is involved in something nasty or breakdowns. So make their recovery easy by calling us.

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