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Light/Medium Towing

This is a picture of a towing services.

We know that vehicles aren’t all the same. Whether you are a business owner or private vehicle owner you could well own a range of different vehicles that go all across the size spectrum. That is why we offer range of both light duty and medium duty towing services.

Different sized vehicles have different requirements when it comes to towing, so that’s why we offer a range of services to match. So whatever sized vehicle you own, you can be sure that our towing services are designed to match.

Light towing

Light towing is designed to move lighter vehicles, such as standard cars and SUVS, in roadside assistance situations that cannot otherwise be resolved with mechanical assistance.

This can be because of a flat tyre or other mechanical problems. Light duty towing is one of the more common service we offer, and, as a result, we are well drilled and efficient when it comes to light duty towing and removing light duty vehicles. So no matter the situation you find yourself in, you know you can rely on us to get you out of it. Simple.


Light duty towing trucks are built not only with the capability to move your car easily and efficiently, but at a size necessary to reach as many places that lighter vehicles often find themselves stuck. This means we can retrieve your car from a wide range of different scenarios, such as underground or multi story carparks, as an example.

Not only this but light duty towing is flexible and can employ a wide range of techniques depending on the issue. If your car is heavily damaged or cannot roll or whatever reason, we can employ the dolly technique. So whatever the situation, we can help you.

Medium towing

If you are a business you’ll likely possess a slightly larger than average vehicle, such as a fleet vehicle or small truck, to meet your demands. In some cases you might also be a private owner. Whatever the situation, when these larger vehicles breakdown or otherwise have problems, it can spell real trouble. They are difficult to move or get working again. If you are a business, it might affect your schedule.

We provide a medium duty towing service that can specifically deal with larger than average vehicles. We can handle a range of fleet vehicles, recreational vehicles and delivery trucks.


Our medium duty towing service allows flexibility when dealing with a range of larger, more difficult to move vehicles. Our tow trucks designed for medium duty towing are both small and tough, allowing them to move into the position necessary to retrieve your medium sized vehicle, but also have the strength to get them moving again.

This combination of strength and small size means our range of medium duty tow trucks can retrieve your company or personal vehicles from almost any situation, no matter how tight or difficult. So matter what position you find yourself in, we can get you out it and going again.

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