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Winch Outs

This is a picture of a winch out.

Driving to far flung, hidden destination or going off the major roads can be great fun. However, there’s a risk, if you are driving through rough countryside, that your car can become lodged or stuck. In such a situation towing is not a practical way to solve the problem and you would require a winch out.

Our winch out service is the perfect solution. Winching also has practical applications in the city, too. So, if you find your car stuck in any sort of terrain, a winch out might be the perfect way to get out.

How does it work?

So what is a winch out? And how does it work? A winch is steel cable wrapped around drum, with the necessary strength and force to pull your car out of any situation where the tyres are either stuck or don’t have sufficient enough traction to get moving. They are motorized, so are incredibly strong and efficient.

It is then hooked onto your car with the express aim of getting your car or vehicle unstuck. It is incredibly useful tool when it comes to getting vehicles that are bogged or otherwise trapped free. Our winch out service is designed to strong, quick and effective.

Proper use

Many cars, especially off-road ones, will sometimes come with their own winch. Or otherwise you might possess a winch you can use manually. But how do you use it correctly? Do you know how much weight it can handle? Did you know it isn’t recommended to handle the steel cable? No?

We all have the right knowledge and expertise to help you in any situation that requires a winch, so you don’t need to go it alone. We can get the job done effectively, quickly and, most importantly, safely. There’s no need to do it alone, not when we have you covered.


A common scenario when you might require a winch out is if your car in stuck in mud. Perhaps you are off driving in some backroad or you just pulled off the road for something and became stuck. Either way, your car is stuck, and you need help.

A winch out is not only helpful in this scenario but necessary, as your tyres can’t get the necessary traction to push your car out. A quick call to us and we can fix this problem. Easy. You don’t need to panic.


One of the more common places you might find your car stuck is snow. This can occur on road or off road when the snow is quite thick. Your tyres cannot gain any traction or footing when the snow is too thick. This results in you getting stuck and not moving.

We also specialise in winching you out of the snow. So, if your car becomes stuck in the snow, the first step is easy. Call us. We will quickly dispatch a team to you to get you moving again. There’s nothing that needs to keep you from getting where you need to be, not even mother nature.

Norman, OK